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About Josh Nichols

In 48 characters

A hacker, a geek, an all around jolly fellow.

In slightly more characters

Josh loves building things. At a young age, he played the hell out of his Legos, creating things of wonder and joy. Then he discovered computers. The rest is, as they say, history.

He went on to study Computer Science at RPI. By the time graduation rolled up, he somehow had a dual degree with Psychology. Weirder things have happened.

After taking few month hiatus in his motherland of New Hampshire, he was inexplicably drawn to Boston where he resides to this very day.

More recently, he occupies himself as a software developer, software engineer, programmer, hacker, or by whatever name one prefers. As has been said, he loves building things, and with code being such a malleable medium, he couldn’t be happier.

If you were to say a few things about his programmer lifestyle, they might include:

Currently, Josh is working at Rails Machine, among many other things.

Some random facts about Josh

About Technical Pickles

Josh built this site as an exercise to leave the world of Java web development behind.

He also needed a soapbox to spread propanda for his plans of world domination somewhere to build his online persona and publish articles.

As for the name of the site, he long ago earned the name Pickles. When thinking of possible domain names, he just took ‘pickles’, and tried to find interesting adjectives. Since he does a lot of technical stuff, it seemed to be a perfect match.