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Where I Sometimes Write Things

Parsing CSV with Ruby

Rsync an iTunes Library like a boss

Capybara (and Cucumber) and Domains

Rails Permanent Redirects

Crosspost: Developing and testing system automation with capistrano-cowboy

Jeweler 1.5.0

Never Leave Your Dotfiles Behind Again With Homesick

A Pattern For Using Standard In And Out In Your Ruby Code

Managing binaries of your gem with Jeweler

Some jeweler resources you probably didn't know about

Spelunking your Ruby install's configuration with RbConfig

Using version constants with Jeweler

Some Tips For Caching Javascript And Css In Rails

Jeweler turns 1.0.0

Tumbling away

Ruby stubbing and mocking with rr

Debugging Cucumber

Escape Ruby Regular Expressions

Using method_missing and respond_to? to create dynamic methods

Autoloading factory_girl definitions

Adding Cucumber to a Ruby project

Jeweler, now with support for test/unit, minitest, rspec, and cucumber

Craft the perfect gem with Jeweler

Test Or Die: Validates Uniqueness Of, Shoulda and Factory Girl Edition

Stop Net::HTTP dead in its tracks with fakeweb


Presentation: Rake, The Familiar Stranger

SNIF Tag has launched!

Implementing a simple logging IRC bot

RCov for almost any occasion

Introducing FlockUp : Find Similar Users on Twitter

helper testing using ActionView::TestCase

Shoulda can automatically load custom macros

Rails special sauce: Test::Unit setup and teardown

Use ActionController::TestCase

TextMate Bundle Management

Determine if content_for was used

shoulda 2.0.0, now with gem power

Creating a svn.authorsfile when migrating from subversion to git

Making factory_girl even easier on Rails

Manage your markup with has_markup

Refactoring an ActiveRecord callback

A walk through of test-driven development with shoulda

Getting back to my vim roots with MacVim

Configure git to globally ignore some files

Boston Ruby Group Meeting June 2008 Summary

Software development practices and lessons seen while moving into a new apartment

Embracing your paranoia with acts_as_paranoid

Ebuild Protip: Only fetch from SRC_URI

My bad, Planet Gentoo

Ebuild Protip: Use emerge --debug to figure out what's happening

Ebuild Protip: Know when to NOT define your own src_unpack

Playing with heroku

Managing svn:ignore with impunity

Site updates

Notes from BarCampBoston3

More Gentoo development links than you probably need

Better partials with better-partials

Using a Gentoo Prefixed shell as your login shell

Boston.rb Hackfest 5/07 Post Mortem

Managing RubyGems on Gentoo

Boston.rb Hackfest 4/29 Post Mortem

piston and git for the win

Boston.rb Hackfest 4/15 Post Mortem

How to raise the bar to contribute to your open source project

Dead easy nginx configuration on Gentoo

GitHub: Forking versus being a committer

GitHub: Requesting your changes be pulled from a fork

GitHub: Forking a project

BDD with Shoulda talk from MountainWest RubyConf

Ensuring you get credit where credit is due with Creative Commons

Meet Merb: Ezra's MountainWest RubyConf Talk

Tell Hoe what tests to run

Shoulda macros allows you to embrace your inner slacker

Follow up: Haml no longer be blowing my spot

Haml be blowing my spot

Shoulda and assert{2.0} make swell bedfellows

Hacking on Wikipedia: links for 2008-03-20

Meet Merb

Meet Merb: Action methods taking arguments

Gentoo Prefix as an alternative to MacPorts, Fink

Guide to Gentoo Announcements

More git: links 2008-02-14

Gitosis on Gentoo

git: links for 2008-01-05

Simple caching of markdown markdown in your model

Snowocalypse Boston 12-13-2007

Tracking down Oracle constraint violations with a little SQL and Toad

Focusing a form field at page load with MochiKit

The Big Rewrite is Here

It's been quiet here... I blame Halo 3

NFJS: Thoughts on "OSGi: A Well Kept Secret"

NFJS: Thoughts on "JavaServer Faces: A Whirlwind Tour"

Aspect Oriented Programming: Links for 2007-10-19

Cover your butt with rcov

NFJS: Summary and thoughts on the New England Software Symposium

DRY Controllers and Helpers using Forwardable

Authentication and authorization: Remembering were you came from

RE: dev-ruby/rails: File Collision Free Since September 2007!

dev-ruby/rails: File Collision Free Since September 2007!

Capistrano 2.0.0 on Gentoo at last

Java: Tons Standardized APIs, but not so many standardized practices

Geeks In Boston

Using Markdown in vim

Eating My Own Dogfood: New Site Skin

Up and running with Rails and YUI CSS

Interviewing Research: Links for 08-08-2007

Rails Heavy: Links for 08-07-2007

An Experiment: Links for 08-03-2007

Our evaluation of Selenium for web testing

Pidgin idle time

Of Dreams unfulfilled, JMock, and Expectations

Philadelphia for the rest of the week

Don't Repeat Yourself with with_options

Name your routes, and name them well

Adding a tag listing

Fixing the routes for tags

Rails plugin for Google Analytics and artificial inflation



ensuring proper RAILS_ENV in production

That's a lot of tags!!

Annoyances when specifying property values in Spring

Switched templating engine to BlueCloth

First Post!

JRuby on Rails on Gentoo

Aiding and abetting the enemy, rails 1.2.2, and #gentoo-ruby

Update on Xfce 4.4 unmasking

unmask teh Xfce!!!one

XFCE all up in your face

Dealing with libraries that like breaking their APIs

Java gets Groovier

Musings of the current state of open source Java

Java she wanted, Java she got

Summary of Java team meeting

Stale /etc/portage/package.unmask

JAVA_HOME pointing to generation-1 system vm

Java 1.4: Do we still need it?

Tomcat 5.5 and Eclipse 3.2

Updated Java System and Java 1.5 unmasked

Update: The New Java Hotness

The New Java Hotness

Of Java 1.5 and Gentoo

Java ideas for Summer of Code

Eclipse 3.1.2

Hello World