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Aiding and abetting the enemy, rails 1.2.2, and #gentoo-ruby

I must admit, I've been experimenting with Ruby on Rails with increased frequency of late. Being heavily invested both in Java on the Gentoo and professional fronts, this seems almost like... treachery

I must say, it has been quite refreshing. It is quite a lovely development platform. I won't go into details about a comparison to developing on the typical Java platform, as I'm sure there are plenty of those on the interblarg already :)

I decided this past weekend that would try to help out with Ruby on Gentoo, and so joined the ruby herd.

My first act was to bump dev-ruby/rails from 1.2.1 to 1.2.2. If you happen to be using it in any projects, you'll likely want to update RAILS_GEM_VERSION to 1.2.2 in your config/environment.rb.

Lastly, pingu and I are trying to get some interest in #gentoo-ruby going. According to Flameeyes, people have tried in the past, but apparently it didn't quite stick. Let's give it another try, shall we? If you're working with Ruby on Gentoo, feel free to stop by #gentoo-ruby on

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