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An Experiment: Links for 08-03-2007

I’ve decided to try a daily (or near daily) roundup of links I’ve come across. The intent, for now, is to fill in gaps between days when I don’t get to write up a real post.

  • Recapping UI Architectural Patterns Model View Controller is a common pattern you see in Java web frameworks. Less common is Model View Presenter, although I hear it is used in the C# world. It’s an informative read to compare the two, as well as some derivatives thereof.
  • Opportunity Overload These past few months, I’ve found myself reading a lot more blogs outside of my typical technical fare. Finances, ‘life hacking’, productivity, and so on. This post struck a chord with me, and it has me re-evaluating what I’m trying to achieve by being informed on these topics.
  • Why Ruby On Rails Succeeded Rails really seems to be picking up steam nowadays. I have found myself particularly enamored with it. This post is a nice retrospective about how it got to where it is.

This format, of course, is experimental. Feel free to leave feedback on the good and the bad.

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