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Annoyances when specifying property values in Spring

Can you spot any issues with specifying a value like this:

<bean id="casProxyTicketValidator" 
  <property name="casValidate">
  <property name="proxyCallbackUrl">
  <property name="serviceProperties">
    <ref bean="serviceProperties" />

See the value of proxyCallbackUrl? Because of the way it’s spaced, it ends up getting newlines and spaces in the value. This issue caused me quite a headache today.

One way to address would be to make sure <value> immediately surrounds the actual value. But there’s actually a cleaner syntax for doing this. It also has the benefit of being more succinct. Here’s what it looks like after being fixed:

<bean id="casProxyTicketValidator"
  <property name="casValidate" value="https://localhost:8443/cas/proxyValidate"/>
  <property name="proxyCallbackUrl" value="http://localhost:8085/cbip/casProxy/receptor"/>
  <property name="serviceProperties" ref="serviceProperties"/>

Much better, right?

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