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Boston.rb Hackfest 4/15 Post Mortem

Last Tuesday, we had a small, but dedicated showing at the Hackfest:

Going in, we didn’t really have a something in mind to work.

We thought to pick up the app we started in merb for organizing katas. But when it came down to it, we figured it’d be a lot quicker if we just did it rails.

We actually wanted something a little more general, kind of a one stop shop for Boston Ruby stuff. Here’s what we wanted:

  • Keep track of events (meetings, hackfests, and katas)
  • Projects that have come out of above-mentioned meetings
  • Recent commits from these projects

Tools we used:

You can see the code we ended up with in the hackfest repository.

Or, you can see it in action.

For simplicity’s sake, we didn’t initially bother with users/permissions/etc, so be gentle with it.

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