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dev-ruby/rails: File Collision Free Since September 2007!

For some time now, there has been a file collision between rails 1.1.x and rails 1.2.x, because it is a) slotted so both can be installed at the same time and b) both install /usr/bin/rails.

This issue has single handedly kept rails-1.2.3 from being stablized until now.

Since they are battling over /usr/bin/rails, it made sense for each slot to install versioned rails script, like /usr/bin/rails-1.2.3, and then use eselect to manage what /usr/bin/rails points at. This is a pretty common use case for using eselect.

Hans de Graaff, a fellow Gentoo Rubyist, did the initial work getting a new eselect module going. After reviewing and discussing it, we found a few issues that needed to be addressed. I took the torch and ran, and made sure most of the upgrade paths would worked properly.

So without further ado, I present you with dev-ruby/rails-1.1.6-r2 and dev-ruby/rails-1.2.3-r1.

These were barely committed, it might take a few hours to initially hit the mirrors.

Just ‘emerge –u rails’, and you’ll get the updates.

Note the use of ‘-u’. This will ensure that both slots get updated at the same time (if they are installed) without an annoying blocker.

Thanks goes out to Hans de Graaff for his initial work and subsequent feedback, and Zack Medico for his initial post about sane upgrade paths with blockers, and subsequent help with figuring out how to get it to work with rails and eselect-rails.

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