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Eating My Own Dogfood: New Site Skin

When I first did the skin for this site, I only was using YUI’s reset and fonts libraries. I’m not even why I didn’t use the grids library, but I opted to do it myself (well, almost myself, I yanked a lot of the markup from another project I had been working on at the time). This was also before the [base] library had been released.

So I broke down and did a bit of refactoring and did up this new appearance. I’m using the technique I laid out in this earlier post.

The result is that the markup is much cleaner, and I ended up with a lot less CSS in my application.css. Good things, to be sure.

The only thing I’m not really happy with at the moment is my navigation menu. I had hoped to use YUI’s menu component, but I wasn’t able to quite get it working on my first pass, so I settled with what you see now.

As always, feedback is always welcome.

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