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Ensuring you get credit where credit is due with Creative Commons

So one day I was bored, and decided to some self googling. After writing my previous post on Git on Gentoo, I decided poking searching for ‘nichoj git’.

Imagine my surprise when I saw it reproduced on the unofficial Gentoo wiki. Sure, I was cited, but there wasn’t a link back to the origin source.

Being a wiki, I was just able to just include the link. I got to thinking, and realized I didn’t really have anyway to safeguard against this kind of thing.

Being the open source lover that I am, I know there are ways to do this by appropriately licensing your code. (Here’s a decent resource selecting one: part 1, part 2)

I was only vaguely aware of the Creative Commons, so I figured it was past time to read up on it.

All my needs really are:

  • I want to be attributed if you use my stuff
  • I don’t want you making money off my stuff without my permission

The Creative Commons website actually has some tools for figuring out what license you should use.

According to this, I should be using:

You can get a snippet to include the license on the page so people can know what is what. I opted to use a slightly altered version in my footer, to better fit in with the style of my site.

And with that, my content is licensed.

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