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Jeweler, now with support for test/unit, minitest, rspec, and cucumber

I had announced jeweler a few weeks ago, and it’s been very well received. It’s even the GitHub recommended way of managing your gems, which is pretty awesome.

Things haven’t been sitting still though. Version 0.8.1 is now released. Highlights include:

You can get it using the usual gem install command:

# Run the following if you haven't already:
gem sources -a
# Install the gem:
sudo gem install technicalpickles-jeweler

See the jeweler command for possible arguments:

Usage: jeweler [options] reponame
e.g. jeweler the-perfect-gem
        --bacon                      generate bacon specs
        --shoulda                    generate shoulda tests
        --testunit                   generate test/unit tests
        --miniunit                   generate mini/unit tests
        --rspec                      generate rspec tests
        --create-repo                create the repository on GitHub
        --summary [SUMMARY]          specify the summary of the project
    -h, --help                       display this help and exit

That is all for now, so get crafting!

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