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Notes from BarCampBoston3

This past weekend I attended BarCampBoston3, my first unconference ever. Overall, I’d saw it was an amazing experience.

I went to BarCampBoston3!

If you’re not familiar with BarCamp, and the whole unconference thing, here are some quick links that might give you a better idea:

I gave 2 talk sessions and 2 discussion sessions over the course of the weekend. I hope to post the presentation/notes from the talks as I recover and find time this week:

  • git as a replacement for subversion… and more!
  • Boston Ruby birds of a feather
  • Testing, quality control, and other ways to preserve your sanity
  • Who is the final cylon model?

Just a few quick notes and thoughts, as a presenter and attendee

For presenters

  • Get to your room early, so you don’t fumble for 5 minutes setting things up
  • Don’t forget appropriate dongles if you happen to be cursed by Apple’s mini-DVI
  • 30-minute sessions go real quick
  • If running your laptop off battery, set to optimal performance to avoid display turning off
  • Turn off notifications, like growl

For attendees

  • Don’t use your first attendance to get to know how these work. Jump on it! Give a talk.
  • You probably have something interesting to give a talk on. You just don’t realize it.
  • Don’t be shy. If all else fails, you could get this shirt
  • Bring business cards
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