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piston and git for the win

Piston has had support for git (both importing from, and into) for a little over a month.

Before that, I felt like developing a rails app in git was a bit painful. Considering most plugins are kept in subversion, you’re only real option is using svn export to install plugins, and check that into git. There was braid, but I really didn’t have any luck with it.

But, like I said, it’s all good now. It hasn’t been officially released (ie as gems), but you can build and install it yourself easily enough.

$ git clone git://
$ sudo gem install -y main open4 log4r
$ cd piston
$ sudo rake install_gem

Pretty straight forward to use.

$ cd vendor/plugins
$ piston import git://
INFO main: Guessing the repository type
INFO main: Guessing the working copy type
INFO main: Checking out the repository
INFO main: Copying from Piston::Revision(git://
INFO main: Checked out "git://" 42083ff to "restful-authentication"

And since it’s since it’s being developed in a git repository, and on GitHub, it’s extremely easy to start contributing.

I mean, if I can contribute something, I’m sure you can pull it off too :)

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