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Shoulda can automatically load custom macros

I wrote about creating your own shoulda macros awhile back. At that point, I was suggesting to place these in your test/test_helper.rb.

Now it’s even easier, thanks to a semi recent change.

You can now create put .rb files in test/shoulda_macros, and Shoulda will automatically pick them up. Let’s try making a will_paginate macro, and stick it out in test/shoulda_macros/will_paginate_macros.rb:

module WillPaginateMacros
  def should_have_per_page(count)
    klass =$/, '').constantize
    context "#{klass}" do
      should "respond to per_page" do
        assert klass.respond_to?(:per_page), "#{klass} does not respond to :per_page"
      should "have #{count} per page" do
        assert_equal count, klass.per_page

class Test::Unit::TestCase
  extend WillPaginateMacros

In the test of an imaginary Post model, which I’m sure you can picture, we can do:

require File.dirname(__FILE__) + '/../test_helper'

class UserTest < ActiveSupport::TestCase
  # ...
  should_have_per_page 10


For plugin and gem authors, vendor/gems/*/shoulda_macros/*.rb and vendor/plugins/*.rb will also be automatically picked up.

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