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SNIF Tag has launched!

If it has been quiet around this blog, it is because of this: SNIF Tag has launched!

‘What does that have to do with technicalpickles?’, one might ask. Allow me to tell you: I started working there back in August, and have been working like mad to get ready for this big launch. It is also worth noting that SNIF is my first professional ruby job, which might surprise some of our kind readers.

So what is this SNIF Tag thing? Simply put, it is an intelligent dog tag. You attach it to your dog’s collar, where it can detect encounters with other SNIF-enabled pups, and monitor your dog’s physical activity. We then have a website where you can see who your dog is encountering, as well as monitor your dog’s activity in real time as well as look at historical data.

To further illustrate, check out these videos:

We’ve already been featured on engadget and gizmodo, and this is only the beginning.

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