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Snowocalypse Boston 12-13-2007

If you’re in the northeast, I’m sure you’re aware that it’s snowing just a bit, some places more than others. Boston is getting hit pretty hard right now. Most offices and schools should have closed early by now.

Rush hour was happening at around 2PM, with the accumulating snow further complicating things. I’m fortunate enough to commute on the T, or optionally, to walk. Given the snow, I figured it’d be a nice day to give walking a try :-D

I took photos along the way with my iPhone, so if you’ve always wondered what it’s like walking around Boston in the snow, here’s your chance!

Check out the flickr set here.

Some random thoughts/observations from the trek:

  • I immediately regret not bringing gloves today.
  • Only a few other people were crazy enough to walk across the Longfellow bridge in this weather.
  • I don’t envy people stuck in traffic in the snow.
  • You can see a turquoise sedan in several shots. I’m pretty sure I was pacing it most of the ways, except I was stopping to take pictures
  • The iPhone interface isn’t particularly fond of the cold, or wet snow
  • At times, I had to try a few times to unlock it. Not sure if this was my hands freezing, the iPhone freezing or being wet.
  • At times, I had to try a few times to take pictures. It would acknowledge I pressed the button, but wouldn’t actually take it.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I think it’s time I get me some eggnog!

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