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Software development practices and lessons seen while moving into a new apartment

As I was moving and settling into my new apartment this past Sunday, it was amusing to observe some of the lessons learned from software development.

  • You can do it yourself, but sometimes it’s worth it to pay someone else to worry about it
  • Could have payed a moving company over $1000 to move what little stuff I have
  • Opted to do it myself with some help from my awesome friends and parents
  • Was only $200ish between the Uhaul, packing supplies, and bribing in the form of food and alcohol
  • Things are bound to go wrong, and things will come up unexpectedly, so plan take it into account when planning.
  • Uhaul took a lot longer to get place
  • My new apartment building wasn’t expecting there to be a Sunday move-in.
  • My friend locked my old apartment keys in the apartment (curse you Jason!)
  • The realtor for the people moving into my old apartment waited till the morning of to try to co-ordinate dropping off the keys
  • Sometimes you can plan yourself into a dead end. Sometimes you just have to sit down, try something, and see how it goes
  • I started to fret about not being able to arrange things in a way that I liked.
  • Instead of worrying too much, we set to start shuffling furniture around
  • Make lots of small changes, and get feedback along the way
  • Move some furniture, and see how it works. It was also a good excuse for a break.

  • The first 80% is easy and quick. The last 20% takes a lot longer.
  • I had the majority of the boxes unpacked within the first day. But getting everything to its ultimate home will take quite a bit longer.

With the move done and out of the way, I should be able to settle into a more regular blogging schedule now.

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