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TextMate Bundle Management

Installing and managing TextMate bundles has always been a pain. You have to check it out from source, figure out where in the filesystem it goes, and restart TextMate.

Fortunately, someone was clever enough to make an automated solution to this problem. It handles all these cases: fetching the source, putting it in the right place, and reloading TextMate.

It’s available on GitHub as a gem, so you’d think you’d be able

sudo gem install wycats-textmate

Not so much. The executable the gem seems broken. Let’s install it by hand:

git clone git://
cd textmate
rake gem
sudo gem install pkg/*.gem

Now let’s see what’s available:

textmate remote

Lots of goodies. Let me just install a few for the stuff I regularly use…

textmate install "Ruby Haml" GitHub
textmate install "Ruby Shoulda" GitHub
textmate install HTML GitHub
textmate install Git GitHub
textmate install "Javascript Jquery" GitHub
textmate install "Nginx" GitHub
textmate install "Ruby C Extensions" GitHub
textmate install "Ruby on Rails" GitHub

If you happened to installed one of these in the past, you’ll need to uninstall it first.

textmate uninstall "Ruby on Rails"

That’s all there is to it.

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