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Tomcat 5.5 and Eclipse 3.2

I’m pleased to announce that www-servers/tomcat-5.5 and dev-util/eclipse-sdk-3.2_rc7 have been added to portage over the long weekend.

We strongly encourage users to update to tomcat 5.5, and refrain from using earlier versions, as recommended by upstream. 5.0 and earlier will likely be removed in the future, and have put it in package.mask. Don’t worry though, it won’t go away right away, so users should have time to migrate.

As for eclipse, there are few few changes between 3.2_rc7 and the official 3.2 release. Once we verify our patchset works against 3.2, you can expect to see the official release added to portage. It is in package.mask for testing, and until we get the final release out.

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