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Open Source Projects


Jeweler is the GitHub recommended way to generating and maintaining RubyGem projects. It was one of the first gem management tools around there to be tailored to Git and GitHub. It has gained large adoption since it's creation in 2008.


Moonshine is a tool and framework for automating Ruby on Rails deployments and server configuration. Built on top of capistrano and puppet, it provides an out of the box experience to prepare a server for Rails applications. For more complex applications, Moonshine can be extended with custom recipes writing plain old ruby, in addition to a large number of existing plugins.


Homesick is a command line tool for storing your dotfiles in git, and being able to use them locally.


capistrano-mountaintop is a capistrano extension for posting deploy logs to Campfire. We use it extensively at Rails Machine to stay on the same page about who is deploying what, and to help with debugging if something goes wrong.


Capistrano configuration and libraries are code too, so should be tested as such. capistrano-spec makes that easier.


nagiosharder is a Ruby library for interacting with a Nagios install. We use it at Rails Machine for integrating information from Nagios with our other tools.


capistrano-cowboy is an extension to Capistrano to easily deploy code from your current checkout, rather than using version control. This probably sounds like a bad idea, but at Rails Machine, we've found it extremely useful while developing Moonshine, as well as a last-ditch way of deploying code if your source control host is unavailable


pager_duty-connection is a Ruby library for interacting with the PagerDuty API. It tries to be pretty minimalist, such that someone with passing familiarity with Ruby and the API should be able to get going with minimal friction.

Other projects

Here's even more projects I've created or contributed to over the years:

A Ruby library to help test your library code against multiple versions of a particular gem
A capistrano extension for posting to Campfire
A test spy implementation for rspec
A light extension to sinatra for using mongo
A Ruby wrapper for Posterous
A command line tool for viewing GitHub issues offline
A Rails plugin for keeping markdown/textile in a model, with caching, validation, etc
A Ruby wrapper around the Sunlight Labs API using httparty and happymapper
A Ruby library for the API
A joke Ruby library for writing Rack applications like you would Java web applications (ie servlets, web.xml, and all that)
A tool for determining if GitHub has built a gem yet
An extension to ActiveRecord to store IP Addresses in the database as integers
A small Rails plugin to answer the question of "Where's your database.yml, dude?"
A tiny wrapper around flvstreamer, an open source command-line RTMP client
A Rails clone of
A Rails plugin for simple feed aggregation
A Ruby library for consuming the GitHub API
A Ruby library for ranking algorithms
A Rails plugin to rescue common Rails exceptions, render an error with your look and feel, and return an appropriate HTTP status code
The website powering
ambition adapter for ultrasphinx
Gentoo Ruby Project
Ruby support for Gentoo Linux
Gentoo Xfce Project
Xfce support for Gentoo Linux
Gentoo Java Project
Java support for Gentoo Linux