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Talks I've Given

ChatOps - Using Chat as Command Line for your Company

Presented at Rocky Mountain Ruby 2012.

  • Slides (coming soon)
  • Video

A Pragmatic Approach to Rails Deployments and Operations

Presented at Ruby Hoedown 2011, and later at Boston.rb's March 2012 meeting.

Drink your deployment maladies away with moonshine

Presented at Boston.rb's March 2010 meeting.

Rake: The Familiar Stranger

Presented at Boston.rb's December 2008 meeting.

Extracting Plugins and Gems from Rails application

Presented at Boston.rb's October 2008 meeting.

git as a subversion replacement

Presented at Boston.rb's June 2008 meeting. It was on 'featured' on SlideShare's front page featured on SlideShare June 12th, 2008.